Credit: CNES

Solar radio flux for orbit determination: nowcast and forecast

Low orbit satellites are subject to drag effects in the residual atmosphere, leading to a decay in altitude. Drag effect is directly linked to the density of the atmosphere, which vary with solar activity, for which the radio solar flux is an indicator. CLS gives a 30 days forecast of the 30 cm flux in order to anticipate the thermospheric density which – as an example – may help satellite operators in their maneuver planning.

Credit: ESA

Forecast of Solar Proton Event for space operations

High energy particle ejected from the Sun may have a critical impact on the electronics of space vehicle. CLS proposes a service totally tailored to our customer to predict the risk of occurrence of such event.

Credit: Reuters

Forecast of Ionospheric Scintillation for ground operations

GNSS positioning may be severely degraded during ionospheric scintillation event. Our service aims at forecasting the level of such event for GNSS users whose operations require a high reliability on GNSS products.